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Understand this

Posted in Artist Promotion by Bill Charlson on July 11, 2017

For God so loved the world that he gave His only begotten Son, so that He who believes in Him, shall not perish, but have everlasting life. Jesus loves me this I know, because the Bible tells me so.

I’m doing my part, do your part now



Posted in Artist Promotion by Bill Charlson on July 7, 2017

I wish looking creepy and strange was in, I would win again!

How my country America can stop ISIS without stepping foot in their backyard

Posted in abortion, Church, politics by Bill Charlson on July 6, 2017

End legalized abortion. Nothing says “Join Isis” to potential recruiters better than our own testimony, and that is, that we still think it’s ok to kill our own which sends the message that we are just like the rest of the world, not different. let me explain
The dems lost the election, not because of Russia or obstruction, it is purely because the people in America are moving away from our cray cray past. We are changing, and the internet was the medium that did it. The Dem’s thought that popularity, news companies, and tv ads would win it, but this is the internet age right? The internet was against them from the beginning, and still ’till this day the internet is vehemently against the left. The only celebrities and politicians who don’t know the internet is against them are the ones that don’t read their own website comments.
I think the reason why the internet won instead of news companies is because for the first time real people get to give their opinion, and the Dem’s can’t escape it. They have to do something desperate, and the only thing they can do is start working toward uniting the country by ending the thing that is the literal definition of division, and that is abortion. We are a pro-life country now, and it’s just a matter of time before it starts to show itself in our laws! In the past they could shut down traditional media, but you can’t shut down the truth in the form of millions and millions of comments!

Found a cool new gem on the new Metallica Album

Posted in Artist Promotion by Bill Charlson on July 6, 2017

Check it

Welcome to my lame blog

Posted in book, poetry by Bill Charlson on July 6, 2017

Here is new poetry, most of my past posts here are old poetry, but this is new, good quality writing in a book, now available at Just search in the book section for the title and author, even though my name is already in the title. Here is a quick link to the book.

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the eternox

Posted in poetry, therapy by Bill Charlson on August 13, 2011

I chase, no I dont chase the wind,
but it is the sun I stalk, and dreams I want.
material passions, lost in the waves
trials of gold, make me unknown.
somewhere over this steel rainbow,
there is a land far off, over the lies,
where wisdom is living in her home,
happiness stirs me by and by, I never
want to let it whither away or go.

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losing breath

Posted in Uncategorized by Bill Charlson on October 21, 2010

when you left, I couldnt breath,

then all the music stop playing,

and Angels paused in their silence.

Or were they just silently praying?

But today, is a different story,

Iive seen things that are great,

to great for my tiny eyes and ears.

call my name and save me, save me.

without your touch, without your love,

I will always be a low form of nothing.

emerging from the bottom of the ocean,

I saw a man in blue, on my wall it hung,

a three di. movie, encompassed in a frame.

there was a whole world in that glass,

i must make it back.

but it seems i have missed the bus.

because I was always meant for you

and you were always, meant for me too.

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this is why

Posted in Personal reflections, poetry by Bill Charlson on August 26, 2009

do you really want to know?
let me tell you ,
and Ill tell you why,
you’re the reflection of my life,
you’re were an image in my mind,
of a thousand colors of right.
when you said it could never be,
it broke my heart, every last piece.
even after I pleaded with you,
sill you wouldn’t trust me,
you never took the time to listen.
I knew if i couldn’t be with you,
that my time was soon to unravel.
that you were my last chance,
for true love, our last
God like connection from high up.
i really liked it when you played,
those creative games,
and how you played so deviously
i was so entertained.
maybe I just wanted to know,
i was alive,.
i prayed for you on a curbside,
and all i wanted was for you
to pray for me too.
to stop making a science of love,
and acknowledge our emotion.

desert or snow

Posted in life, Personal reflections, poetry by Bill Charlson on August 22, 2009

shyly I’m turning away
worlds are falling from under me,
but He has a place for me in time,
and the joy of your face will shine.

I am working hard to make a way,
no time for the self of desire,
And the pain that shrouds my day,
not giving the enemy a footing.

God is my hope and my strenth,
the very word that inspires me,
He is the price paid for my soul,
His Spirit dwells in me, hot or cold.

the devil crashes his judgment drum,
but I’m forward marching, and the faith of some.
in sickness and health, my salvation is sure,
In blinding snow, or the deserted earth.

tears of faith

Posted in Personal reflections, poetry by Bill Charlson on August 18, 2009

Shades of grey color my faith,
Like a contrary choice
In watercolors of saving grace.
Red, white and blue my hope,
Read my life in book or a novel,
Listen to my soul in aim songs.
Open up to the last page
Skip to the middle and let it go.
Im the one that comes to save you,
Your hero.
Your heart is a fragile stone glass,
In different grades of the years we made,
Though we cant take the things we did, back
We can always recreate it in another shade.